Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test – Details, Results & Follow Up

Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test – Details, Results & Follow Up: Sugar is such a disease that develops due to lifestyle and food habits, if not controlled, then this disease can cause many other fatal diseases like heart attack, kidney disease and liver problems. It is very important for sugar patients to keep an eye on the sugar level.

The amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by a hormone called insulin so you should done your Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test. The body of diabetic patients either does not make enough insulin or cannot use it properly, which often leads to high blood sugar.

What is Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test?

Blood sugar or glucose is an important component of our blood that gives energy to your body. When the amount of blood sugar exceeds the normal range, then that condition is called diabetes.

This affects the overall health of the person over time. Diabetes basically increases the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, eye diseases, hearing loss and many other health complications. So it is very important to check your blood sugar level through diabetes blood test.

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Blood Glucose Range- Results

ConditionFasting Values Ref RangePost Meal Values Ref Range
 Non-Diabetic72-99 mg/dlUp to 140 mg/dL
Type 1 DiabeticUp to 100 mg/dLUp to 180 mg/ dL
Type 2 DiabeticUp to 100 mg/dLUp to 180 mg/ dl
Urine GlucoseUp to 14 mg/dL

How can you get tested for prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Your doctor may order tests on a regular basis, depending on your age and risk factors. Or, if you are experiencing certain symptoms, your doctor may order tests to check your blood sugar.

  • A1C test- The hemoglobin A1C test, known simply as “A1C”, is a measure of blood sugar control over 3 months. This test can be done in the laboratory; However, many endocrinologists can do this test in the clinic with a finger stick.
  • Fasting blood sugar test- This test can be done with a simple finger stick in a laboratory or healthcare provider’s lab or your doctor may prescribe a meter and recommend regular testing at home.
  • Glucose tolerance test- The glucose tolerance test will measure your blood sugar level before and after you drink a sugary liquid. First of all your fasting blood sugar level will be taken. You will then drink the sweetened liquid, and your blood sugar will be tested 1 hour later, 2 hours later, and possibly 3 hours later.
Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test - Details, Results & Follow Up

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar- Follow Up

Regular Blood Glucose (Sugar) monitoring is the most important thing a person can do to manage type 1 or type 2 diabetes. A person will be able to see what makes the numbers go up or down, such as eating different foods, taking your medicine, or staying physically active. With this information, you can work with your doctor to make decisions about the best diabetes care plan. These decisions can help delay or prevent complications related to sugar such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation.

Your doctor will tell you when and how often to Monitoring Your Blood Sugar- Follow Up. You can test your sugar level anytime, that too from the comfort of your home. With the advantage of a blood sugar monitoring device, you can get readings within a few minutes. Maintaining regularity is essential when it comes to testing blood sugar.

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What is the right way to check blood sugar?

  • Wash your hands and dry them properly before checking sugar.
  • Now place a test strip in the meter of your machine.
  • Now prick your finger with the needle provided with the test kit and put a drop of blood on the edge of the test strip.
  • Now wait for a few seconds, you will see on the screen how much is your sugar level.

Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test- FAQs

Can a Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test be done at home?

Whether there is sugar control in the blood or not, it can be known only by doing a sugar test. Many times sugar has to be checked twice a day, in such a situation it is difficult to go to the doctor again and again and get the test done. Nowadays sugar test is being done easily at home by using portable blood glucose meter.

When to check blood sugar?

Your blood sugar level fluctuates throughout the day. For this, you can check its level several times a day, but you should consult your doctor about the difference in it. According to your health, the doctor will advise you how often you need to check the sugar level.

What should be the normal blood sugar level?

According to doctors, before meals, your blood sugar should be From 90 to 130 mg/dL (5.0 to 7.2 mmol/L) for adults. Your blood sugar should be less than 180 mg/dL 2 hours after eating a meal.

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