Blood Sugar Chart – Ideal Sugar Levels for Adults, Children, Symptoms

Blood Sugar Levels is one of the predominant factors determining the onset of Diabetes in an individual. The Blood Sugar Level is controlled by a hormone in our body named as Insulin which is secreted by Pancreatic Gland and its release and inhibition is controlled by our Brain. Sometimes, there is disruption in the release of Insulin and which leads to the deficiency of Insulin Hormone in the body which leads to the High Glucose Spikes in the body which can be fatal in a long time.

It is highly likely for an individual to have Type-2 Diabetes if there is a family history of the disease. So to counter this problem one must have a close look at their blood glucose levels and it must fall in the Normal Blood Sugar Chart to avoid the complications that come with it such as Cataract, Blurred Vision, Joint Pains, Decrease Blood Clotting Time and many more. also know about Blood Sugar Symptoms, Ideal Sugar Level For Adults and Kids. 

Blood Sugar Chart

The Blood Sugar Chart contains the normal level of the sugar that must be in the body of an individual. The Blood Glucose The levels are stated in two types namely- Fasting Blood Glucose and  Postprandial Glucose Level.The Blood Sugar Levels are different for adults and children. The normal blood glucose level for the adults is 99 mg/dl and postprandial sugar level ranges between 99-125 mg/dl. The blood sugar level for children ranges from 70-140 mg/dl.

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The A1C Test is done for the examination and monitoring of the blood glucose levels of the person over the period of three months. If a person having A1C levels less than 5.5% then it is considered to be normal, levels up to 6.5% are considered as a pre-diabetic and the amount above 6.5% is considered as a Diabetic individual. However, there are several medications such as Metformin and researches available that has made the life of the diabetes much easier than early times.

Ideal Blood Sugar Chart For Adults

The Normal Blood Glucose Levels ranges between 110-125 mg/dl which means that the insulin is working properly in one’s body. The insulin breaks down the sugar molecule into small and finer particles which in return gives the body energy to work for.

The amount of insulin released in a person’s body depends upon a variety of factors such as what one has consumed in the last meal, amount of the food consumed and one’s body capacity to release insulin. The Normal Blood Sugar Chart For Adults is given as follows:

Blood Sugar Levels in Body( mg/dl)Blood Sugar Levels in Body (mmol/L)Conclusion 
<55<3.1Severe Hypoglycemia
<127<7.1Normal/ Optimum Level
<210<10High- Intervention Required
<200-510<10-27.9 Metabolic Side Effects 

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Optimum Blood Sugar Level Chart For Children

The Blood Glucose Level of the Children varies for different age groups from which a child belongs to. Diabetes is an inherited or acquired disease which can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, genetics, high blood sugar intake,lack of physical activity, lack of insulin formation in the body and many more. The  ranges of optimum Blood Sugar Level Chart For Children has been given as follows:

Age( Years)Pre PrandialPost- PrandialA1C Test Levels
Less than 6 Years99-179 mg/dl109-199 mg/dl7.4-8.4%
6-12 Years89-179 mg/dl99-179 mg/dl<8%
13-18 Years89-129 mg/dl89-149 mg/dl<7.5%
Blood Sugar Chart - Ideal Sugar Levels for Adults, Children, Risks & Management

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Causes Of Change in Blood Glucose Levels

There are various factors that determine the Blood Glucose Levels in the body of an individual which can be related to diet of an individual, biological factors, medical history of a person, environmental changes, physical activity, genetics and many more.

Factors Contributing Increase in Blood Glucose LevelFactors Contributing Decrease in Blood Glucose Level
High Intensity WorkoutHigh Intake  of Insulin
Too Less SleepExercise
High Sugar IntakeSudden Change in a Daily Routine
DehydrationUnusual Eating Habits
SmokingHigh Alcohol Intake

Hot and Humid Weather
High Caffeine ConsumptionLiving in High Altitudes
GeneticsLow Carb Diet
Steroid MedicationsMenstruation

Sign and Symptoms of Lower and Higher Blood Sugar Levels

 High Blood Sugar Level in BodyLow Blood Sugar Level in Body
Enhanced Thirst
Frequent Urination
Unexplained Loss in Weight
Recurrent Infections
Shakiness in Hands
Joint Pain
Blurred Vision
Slow Healing
Diabetic Foot
Peripheral Neuropathy Delayed Blood Clotting Glaucoma
Lack of Concentration
Heart Racing
Uncontrolled Hunger
Confused Feeling
Muscle Aches
Low Energy
Pale Skin
Blurred Vision

How To Check the Blood Sugar Levels At Home?

  • All you have to do is just monitor your Blood Sugar Level in a Glucose Monitor which is easily available in the market before the meal intake.
  • Then, after the meal intake check your blood sugar again in the Glucometer after 15 minutes of the meal intake.
  • If your blood glucose lies between 70-110 mg/dl then it is between the normal range and if it is above 110 then you are most likely to be pre-diabetic.
  • If your blood sugar is less than 70 mg/dl, then you have to take at least 15 mg of carbohydrates and then again examine your blood sugar level if it is again less than repeat the same procedure known as the rule of 15.
  • If you are having any kind of symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, headache or blurred vision then you must contact the doctor as soon as possible.

FAQs On Blood Sugar Chart, Glucose Levels

What is the Normal Range of Blood Sugar in an adult?

The normal blood glucose level for the adults is 99 mg/dl and postprandial sugar level ranges between 99-125 mg/dl. 

What are the signs of hypoglycemia?

There are many signs and symptoms which can predict if a person is hypoglycemic such as dizziness, irritability, low energy, faintness, tiredness, lack of concentration and many more.

What Damages Occurred By Hyperglycemia?

The complications that come with Hyperglycemia are Cataract, Blurred Vision, Joint Pains, Decrease Blood Clotting Time and many more.

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  1. My husband has typed diabetes and we don’t know how to check his blood sugar levels is there a machine or something I can get at the drug store he is on metformin but all he does is sleep he also is fighting cellulitis what can I do

    • If he is on metformin he has seen a doctor. Any doctor worth seeing would have explained how to check his sugar at home, and most likely sent him to a nutritionist. Many doctors and nutritionist will give you test monitors for free. Unless you are getting a your meds and diagnosis from the neighbors find another doctor.

    • Yes! Its called Accucheck! Or ANY other brand in any drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, …), Walmart. They ALL have it! Ask a pharmacist at a drugstore or Walmart. They will help you choose not very expensive one and they will explain, how to use it!

    • Evelyn, your doctor should have told him to get a glucometer to test his blood sugar and how many times a day he should test it. He will have to prick his finger and put the drop of blood on the test strip. Each meter has test strips and a meter to measure.
      If he is sleeping alot his blood sugar levels are probably high. You need to get that meter as soon as possible and start monitoring his blood sugar and make sure your doctor is telling you the information. A nutritionist should also have been prescribed.

  2. I am controlling my high sugar with diet. The past month or so I have no appetite whatsoever. I realize at 80 years this may be normal but it isn’t for me. I’ve gone from 160lbs down to 145lbs.This would be great but I have had a loosing weight battle since 1969 when my last baby was born.. Do you have any answers?

  3. In my opinion the medical community puts in a criteria they feel everyone should fall into. They have attendances not to think out of the box. My sugars Always run high in the morning. However by midday I am always in normal range. So if I take a fasting blood test the panic button gets hit. Meanwhile every 6 months my A1C average is as low as 6.0 and as high as 6.4. I’m on no medication. Diet and exercise are my regiment for well over 10 years. I recently had spinal fusion surgery and several epidural injections prior. That wreak havoc on my body shot A1C to 9.8. Took 5mg of Glyizide for a month as directed. Went to my Endocrinologist after that and she did blood Sugar test. Guess what it was 76. She got me applesauce quick. Stopped medication immediately. So moral of story is we don’t all fit in the box. Best of luck to all be careful. What’s good for me may not work for you.

    • You are correct. I was pre-diabetic (6.1) and then I had a stroke and my A1C was 6.8. I was going through a divorce. They put me on Metformin…but I started getting all sorts of yeast infections. I stopped taking the Metformin. Those infections have stopped. My A1C is controlled by diet. They just go by the norm…but everyone don’t fit the norm…

  4. I am shocked to see such good info on blood sugar and i have add the problems for 25 years i am not able to read it all right now but it look very easy to under stand thank you

  5. My bloods are a nightmare up and down all the time I am good with food I don’t drink alcohol and carnt move like I am 67 was diagnosed when was 50 a great surprise I have alot wrong with me my body is in so much pain I take morphine 2 times a day 80 mills a day my sugar are between 8 or 9 and at tea time between 10 1 up to 10 9

  6. I hurt my back and they gave me some steroids for inflammation. The steroids raised my blood A1C to 9.5 and put me in the hospital for 4 days. After my stay in the hospital, we tried metformin, but it wasn’t for me so I switched to Jardiance. I took Jardiance for about 5 months. When I went back to the doctor my A1C 5.5 back to the normal range. The doctor didn’t think I was really diabetic. He said that I am allergic to steroids and I shouldn’t take any steroid medication. When I check my blood sugar it is normally 93-99 range. I do not take Jardiance anymore. I just watch what I eat and keep a check on my blood sugar So far so good. This article is on point with the information it’s giving.


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