Chandra Grahan 2023 Time, Lunar Eclipse Sutak Timings India

Chandra Grahan 2023 Timings in India, Lunar Eclipse Sutak Time: A Total Lunar Eclipse happens when Earth is positioned precisely between the Moon and the Sun, blocking the direct sunlight from reaching the moon’s surface & gets refracted by the Earth’s Surface and the Earth’s Shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon, dimming it and sometimes turning the lunar surface a striking red over the course of a few hours, this light appears reddish for the same reason that a sunset or sunrise does (it’s an effect referred in Science as the Rayleigh Scattering of Blue light). Each Lunar Eclipse can be seen by half of the Earth’s population that’s facing the moon.

Chandra Grahan 2023 Time in India

This eclipse is taking place in Aries and Bharani Nakshatra (it is the second birth star in Vedic Astrology. Situated in the 13-20′ – 26-40′ range in the Aries sign, Bharani Nakshatra is the signifier of Lord Yama. Lord Yama analyzes one’s good and bad deeds and declares justice) and will be visible more in North-Eastern part of India – Kolkata, Patna, Guwahati, Arunachal etc. While in most parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Ocean, America. Its sutak will be considered from sunrise i.e. 6.30 in the morning.

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Chandra Grahan 2023 Timings India Overview

Article TitleChandra Grahan Timing 2023
ObjectiveTo give Information about Lunar Eclipse 
Sutak TimeOn 8 Nov. 2023, Starts At 09:21 and goes on till the Grahan is Over
Chandra Grahan date and timeOn 8 Nov.2023 At 04:23 pm to 06: 19 pm
What to do and What not to do during GrahanRead the article 
Chandra Grahan 2022 Time, Lunar Eclipse Sutak Timings

Chandra Grahan 2023 City Wise Grahan and Sutak Timings

Chandra Grahan : 05:32 PM
Sutak : 09:21 AM
Chandra Grahan : 04:56 PM 
Sutak : 08:32 AM
Chandra Grahan : 06:05 PM 
Sutak : 08:45 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:07 PM 
Sutak : 09:32 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:05 PM 
Sutak : 08:47 PM
Chandra Grahan : 04:37 PM
Sutak : 05:36 PM
Chandra Grahan : 06:00 PM 
Sutak : 09:36 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:41 PM
Sutak : 09:26 PM
Chandra Grahan : 06:00 PM 
Sutak : 09:36 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:20 PM 
Sutak : 09:05 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:40 PM 
Sutak : 09:17 AM
Chandra Grahan : 05:42 PM
Sutak : 08:59 AM

Phases of Chandra Grahan

Total Lunar Eclipse – The Moon enters the umbra, or inner region, of Earth’s shadow. The Moon’s surface receives some of the sunlight that travels through Earth’s atmosphere and is weakly illuminated. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon appears orange or reddish because longer wavelengths penetrate Earth’s atmosphere while shorter wavelengths have scattered away. The Moon appears redder during an eclipse if there is more dust or cloud cover in Earth’s atmosphere.

Partial Lunar Eclipse – It happens when Sun, Earth and Moon are in imperfect alignment, resulting in the moon passing through only a part of Earth’s Umbra. The shadow moves in and out of frame, never completely enveloping the Moon.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – In this phase the moon travels through Earth’s penumbra, or the faint outer part of its shadow. The moons dims so slightly that it’s very difficult to observe.

Total Phase01 Hour 24 Minutes 28 Seconds
Partial Phase03 Hours 38 Minutes 35 Seconds
Penumbral Phase05 Hours 52 Minutes 02 Seconds

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What is Lunar Eclipse ?

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Shadow of Earth. This can occur only when the Sun , the Earth and Moon are Exactly or at least closely Aligned (this alignment is also known as syzygy) with Earth between the other two, which can happen only on the night of a Full Moon when the Moon has reached near either lunar node.

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Things to do during Lunar Eclipse

  1. One should Meditate , do Spiritual Chanting(or japa) during the grahan.
  2. Clean the house and perform purification rituals like sprinkling Ganga Jal.
  3. People can put holy Tulsi leaves in food items and matka(containers usually made of mud to keep water) to avoid the negative impacts of an eclipse. The healing benefits of Tulsi makes the food consumable.
  4. Recital of Mantras is an important Ritualistic Activity you can do during the eclipse.
  5. The idols of Shiva and Vishnu should be bathed after the Grahan is complete.

Note : Always bath and clean clothes after the eclipse.

Things to Avoid doing during the Lunar Eclipse

  1. Apart from patients, children and elderly, other people are urged not to intake any food and water as much as possible during the eclipse as the lunar eclipse has some powerful impacts on the human body.

Theory behind this : It is believed that the gasses/radiation released in the atmosphere during that time due to the impact of the eclipse turn the food into poison(it’s not actually referring to anything chemically fatal but it’s symbolic) .

  1. If possible one should avoid traveling during this period.
  2. Those who believe in Astrology must avoid making any important deals during the Grahan.
  3. No meals should be offered to the god , you must avoid lighting any incense or diyas.
  4. Do not involve in any Sexual Activities.
  5. Pregnant women are advised to stay inside the houses or closed buildings to avoid any ill-effects on the baby.
  6. Avoid giving/receiving oil massages.

Lunar Eclipse 2023 Rashifal

The majority of individuals are interested in learning how the eclipse will affect their moon/Zodiac signs, however we are just providing a broad interpretation of this horoscope. The outcomes of the eclipse will be determined by whether the planets, dasha, and transits are favorable or unfavorable in their horoscope.

AriesAries, whose lord is Mars, for them the lunar eclipse will be inauspicious, fear will arise.
TaurusThis lunar eclipse cannot be called good. Suddenly, you may have to face big troubles and loss of money.
GeminiWill give auspicious results. There will be special benefits in career-business etc.
CancerIt will prove to be a giver of auspicious results and increase happiness and prosperity.
LeoThere can be a crisis of honor and respect, one should avoid doing such work, due to which they have to be humiliated in future.
VirgoSome may have to bear a lot of trouble.
LibraYou may have to face family problems.
ScorpioThis lunar eclipse will give happiness and good fortune. Stuck work will be completed.
SagittariusAnxiety will increase and they may have to deal with unwanted problems in future.
CapricornWill become a cause of pain. In such a situation, one should avoid leaving the house.
AquariusWill prove to increase the profit and good fortune. Money will be beneficial
PiscesThere will be a sudden loss

According to NASA

There won’t be a total lunar eclipse for three years, but there will be penumbral and partial eclipses; the last one will be on November 8, 2022, and the next one won’t be until March 14, 2025.

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