Ethics Policy

Creative Content Independent Media strongly upholds transparency and respectful behavior in all of its operations. Our actions are guided by the fundamental principles outlined in our Code of Ethics, which we are sharing with you for your awareness.


Creative Content Independent Media was established to address the gap between the reporting of mainstream media and the public’s perception. Our goal is to become a trusted source of news and information on issues that are important by slowing down the delivery of breaking news, which can result in the spread of false or incorrect information. To achieve our vision and mission, we adhere to specific ethical principles.

Ethical Principles

To fulfill our objective of becoming the most dependable platform for providing news and information on crucial matters, we have embraced the following principles:

Being an impartial platform that fosters conversations and empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds and political beliefs to collaborate and address the most significant issues.

When reporting on a particular issue, it is important to provide the most precise and significant information available, while giving appropriate credit to sources. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable and prohibited. Additionally, it is important to aim for impartial, well-reasoned opinions that present a balanced perspective.

It is important to keep a clear separation between the interests of the business and the process of making editorial decisions. It is unacceptable for business interests to override editorial decision-making.

Rather than rushing to break news, it is preferable to provide precise and reliable information. We should refrain from speculating and hold off on sharing until we have sufficient details.

To ensure fairness and balance, it is crucial to incorporate a range of perspectives in the story by featuring diverse voices.

If an error is made, it’s important to publicly apologize and take steps to correct it.

If a piece of content is an advertisement or advertorial and not part of the editorial content, it should be clearly labeled as such.

It’s crucial to stand firm in the face of pressure from those in positions of power, supporting the editorial team in any legal disputes or instances of harassment.