Piles Home Remedies, Best Treatment For Piles At Home

Piles or Haemorrhoids is a disease characterized by swollen veins in the rectum and anus. These can cause severe discomfort, itching and sometimes bleeding. These can become severe if they are not treated on time and may even lead to extreme bleeding. These veins act like buffers to ensure the smooth passage of stools from the rectum and anus in their normal state. However, if these become irritated due to any reason, then they may lead to a severe burning pain when the person sits for a prolonged period of time or while passing stool.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms then you should visit a physician to get the proper diagnosis and medications for your condition. But if you do not wish to treat your piles by taking medication then you can try the home remedies mentioned below.

Home Remedies For Piles 

Piles or Haemorrhoids can be really painful and discomforting for the person going through it. Individuals suffering from piles will not be able to enjoy their life normally. The person can cure their piles with various home remedies and lifestyle changes.

Our kitchen is filled with all of the materials needed to cure all types of illnesses. The person should try all of the home remedies that are available to see which one suits them the best and follow that remedy diligently to avoid the discomfort caused by piles.

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Types of Piles or Haemorrhoids

Before trying any kind of treatment, the individual should know about the various types of piles and he should be able to identify the one from which he is suffering. There are the following types of Piles of Haemorrhoids-

  1. Internal Haemorrhoids- These occur on the internal surface of the rectum and do not come outside. They may bleed sometimes. They are further categorized on the basis of their severity:
    1. First Degree- The veins may bulge out sometimes but they go inside on their own.
    2. Second Degree- The veins may bulge out during bowel movement and may even bleed but they go back after some time.
    3. Third Degree- The veins may bulge out on their own and they will go back if you push them in gently.
    4. Fourth Degree- They hang outside the anus and cannot be pushed back inside.
  2. External Haemorrhoids- These occur close to the opening of the anus and may bleed during bowel movements and during prolonged sitting.

Knowing the type of your hemorrhoids will make it easier for you to treat them using home remedies.

Piles Home Remedies, Best Treatment For Piles At Home

Causes Of Haemorrhoids

Even after extensive research, the exact cause of hemorrhoids is not known. Scientists have theorized some probable causes of Piles. These may include the following-

  • Low fiber diets may result in weakening the veins in the rectum and anus.
  • Suffering from prolonged constipation or diarrhea can lead to the development of Haemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy can also lead to the development of piles as pregnancy can lead to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure.
  • A sedentary lifestyle may also cause hemorrhoids in an individual.
  • A person who is obese is prone to many diseases and that includes hemorrhoids. 

Food Best For Piles

The person who is suffering from piles should keep a close watch on their diet. A balanced diet may easily help you to treat the symptoms of piles. 

  • Drinking plenty of fluids- The individual should drink plenty of fluids to maintain their water-electrolyte balance. This will prevent irritation and inflammation around the anus and the hemorrhoids.
  • Taking a fiber-rich diet- Haemorrhoids can develop as a result of a lack of fiber in the diet. Taking a fiber-rich diet will promote the overall health of the digestive system and it will prevent irritation of the swollen veins during bowel movements.

The individuals should also eat fruits and leafy vegetables in order to obtain all of the nutrients necessary for the healing of their hemorrhoids.

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Lifestyle Changes To Treat Piles At Home

To prevent irritation of the swollen veins around the anus and bleeding from the hemorrhoids, the individual will have to make some lifestyle changes and follow them diligently.

  • Wear loose clothing- The individual should wear loose and breathable clothing, preferably cotton, to avoid irritation due to excessive sweating of the area around the anus. 
  • Having good bathroom habits- The most important thing to remember is that having good bathroom habits will take you a long way in the treatment of Piles. You should remember not to force yourself to have a bowel movement and not hold onto a bowel movement. You should also avoid using scented wipes and toilet paper as the perfume or fragrance may irritate the veins. 
  • Regular Exercising- The person should follow a strict exercise routine and should focus on the strength of the pelvic muscles. This will help reduce discomfort caused due to hemorrhoids.

Best Treatment For Piles At Home

To treat piles at home, a person may try any of the remedies given below and see which one works the best for them. You should follow proper diet habits along with these remedies to completely cure the symptoms of piles.

  1. Sitz Bath- It is a small shallow bowl that can fit over your toilet seat. You can fill this bowl with some warm water and Epsom salt and immerse the affected part in this solution. This helps with the inflammation around the anus.
  2. Ice Massage- You can also try massaging the affected area with ice for 15 minutes after every bowel movement. This will soothe the affected area and prevent the irritation from starting up. Make sure to wrap the ice cubes in a towel or a bag and not to put the ice directly over the skin as direct contact with ice may cause damage to the skin.
  3. Application of Aloe Vera gel– Applying Aloe Vera gel over the affected area may also help to soothe the area and to reduce inflammation. Aloe Vera gel is known to act as an anti-inflammatory hence it is recommended by many physicians.
  4. Coconut oil- Coconut oil is also known to be a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Massaging the affected area with coconut oil twice daily will also decrease the inflammation around the area and you will not feel the pain during your normal activities.
  5. Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil is known as an antiseptic and its application may prevent itching, pain, and discomfort caused by piles. It will also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the affected area thus preventing the spread of infection in the affected veins.
  6. Avoid sitting on the toilet seat for long periods of time- A person should not try to force a bowel movement and should not put a strain on the pelvic area. Putting undue stress over the pelvic area may lead to the rupture of the veins and bleeding.
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FAQs For Piles Home Remedies

How long should I use the ice?

You should only apply the ice for a period of 15 minutes and not more than that. Applying the ice for prolonged durations can lead to damage to the skin and further irritation of the already irritated tissues.

Can I use wet wipes over the affected area?

You can use wet wipes over the affected area but use the ones that are not scented as any kind of fragrance may irritate the tissues and can cause a burning sensation.

What should I do if the symptoms still persist after the home remedies?

If the symptoms still persist after 4-5 days of home management then you should go to your physician to get the proper medication

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