Pregnancy Due Date & Time Calculator, Check EDD Estimated Delivery Date

Pregnancy Due Date & Time Calculator, Check EDD: Pregnancy is a beautiful process of nine months which gives a woman the pleasure of becoming a mother. During this nine months, many changes take place inside the pregnant woman. As time progresses, she feels more attached to the baby in the womb and cherishes many dreams about her baby. During this, a question also comes in their mind that what is their delivery date in Pregnancy Calculator or in which month their baby is going to be born.

After getting pregnant, this question comes somewhere in the mind of every woman that when her little baby is going to come in this world. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 2022 helps in tracking what is their possible date of delivery or delivery date. Finding out the EDD Estimated Delivery Date 2022 is quite easy and you don’t have to worry too much for this.

Usually, 280 days or 40 weeks are added to the first day of your last period to work out a possible date of delivery. Here you have to keep in mind that your periods and ovulation are counted as the first two weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, if your baby is born on the date mentioned in the 40th week, then it will not be 40 weeks but 38 weeks old.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

The date on which your baby is expected to be born is called the due date of delivery. We have posted the method to check the Online Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 2022. This is exactly 38 weeks from the first day of your pregnancy. But sometimes the doctor may change your delivery date due to your physical condition, the development of the baby or other reasons. Your delivery date helps the doctor decide a lot of things.

This includes scheduling the test before delivery, estimating the foetus, and most importantly, deciding what action to take or not to take once the past delivery date. It is also important to note here that the delivery date is only a tentative date and it is not necessary that your baby will be born on this date. Baby can be born before or after the delivery date because every woman’s pregnancy is different and no rules apply to it.

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EDD Estimated Delivery Date

Women who regularly get their period in 28 days can adopt two methods to calculate their delivery day. The first is the Nagel rule and the second is the pregnancy wheel rule. We have explained these two methods in detail in the article:

Naegele’s Rule

The German delivery specialist France Karl Naegele first mentioned people about this rule. From then only this rule came to be known by his name. If someone’s last menstrual period was 1 October 2022, then under the Naegele’s rule it would be related to

  • First of all, the 1st date will be taken into consideration.
  • Then adding 7 days to 1 digit will give 8 results. This has to be understood as 8 October 2022.
  • Now after subtracting three months from this, 8 July 2022 comes.
  • On this basis, one more year has to be added to 8 July 2022 to get the Estimated Delivery Date. Now the date will increase by one year to 8 July 2023. This is considered as the date of delivery as per this rule.
Pregnancy Due Date & Time Calculator, Check EDD Estimated Delivery Date

Pregnancy Wheel

Another way to find out the EDD Estimated Delivery Date is through the pregnancy wheel. Many doctors also adopt this method. If the pregnant is aware of the date of their last menstrual period, it becomes easier for them to estimate the date of delivery.

  • For this, first one has to buy the wheel, which is also known as the pregnancy calculator. Now the date of last menstrual cycle has to be set in this wheel.
  • Actually, this wheel has two arrows i.e. arrow-like marks and the date has to be set in an arrow symbol.
  • When the date is set, the 2nd wheel mark displays the pregnant due date
  • We want make it clear that it is not necessary that the baby should be born on the same day as shown in the pregnancy wheel. This is an approximate date and the baby can be born on an earlier or later date.

Steps for Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 2022 Online

  • Browse in your mobile or laptop
  • Now here you will get two boxes and now input- Today’s date and then First day of last period in these boxes
  • Then you will get Estimated due date and Estimated gestational age.
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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 2022 FAQs

What is the use of Due Date Calculator?

By knowing their due date using the delivery date calculator, pregnant women can prepare themselves in time for the upcoming changes and arrival of a baby in their lives.

Can your due date of delivery change?

Yes, your estimated due date or expected date of delivery may change but this should not be a concern for you.

What if a lady do not know the exact date of her last menstrual period?

If a pregnant woman does not know the exact date of her last menstrual period, then she should not worry much. Most of the women do not know the exact date of last menstrual period. In such a situation, the doctor can help in knowing the due date of delivery

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