High Blood Sugar - 6 Most Common Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Before getting to the part of Most common Symptoms of High Blood Sugar, First let's discuss more about High Blood Sugar. High Blood Sugar is also called Hyperglycaemia.


High Blood Sugar or Hyperglycaemia is Blood Glucose Greater than 125mg/dl (miligrams per decilitre) while fasting.

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Dry Mouth & Increased Thirst

One of the most telltale signs of High Blood Sugar is Increased Thirst & Dry Mouth. If you are experiencing this symptom, You need to get diagnosed right away.

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Frequent Urination

If you are having excessive thirst, it can lead to Excessive Urination. It happens because excess glucose builds up in your blood.


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High Blood Sugar can cause Tiredness. It is a most common symptom of Diabetes. You can easily manage diabetic fatigue by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle.


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Blurred Vision

High Blood Sugar can cause your eye lens to swell. This can change your ability to see. If you want to get rid of this blurred vision, then you need to get your blood sugar levels back into the target zone.


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Unintentional Weight Loss

This symptom happens because the sugar stays in your blood and due to this your body might not get the fuels it need to carry out day to day operations. So then it starts burning fat and muscle for energy to handle day to day tasks. This results in Unexpected Weight Loss.


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Recurrent Infections

High Blood Sugar can cause recurrent infections such as bladder infections (cystitis), skin infections and thrush. This infections happen because high blood sugar can weaken your immune system.

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