Low Blood Sugar - 7 Most Common Symptoms You Should Not Ignore!!!

Now before getting to the most common symptoms of Low Blood Sugar, let's get to know more about it. Low Blood Sugar is also called Hypoglycemia.

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Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia occurs when Blood Sugar Levels falls below 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L). When Blood Sugar Levels falls below 54 mg/dL (3.0 mmol/L), then this is cause for immediate action

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Fast Heartbeat

Fast Heartbeat of Rapid Heartbeat can be caused by Insufficient Blood Sugar Levels. This can be a potentially dangerous situation which is known as hypoglycemia unawareness.

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Shaking is typically the early warning sign of Low Blood Sugar. This kind of symptoms happen when blood sugar levels fall below four millimoles.


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Sweating is also one of the most common symptoms of Low Blood Sugar. This symptom also happen when Blood Sugar Level falls below 4 Millimoles.


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Nervousness or Anxiety

This symptoms happens in Low Blood Sugar because when Blood Sugar Level drops, our body tries to bring it up. So due to this, our body pumps out epinephrine, in simple terms adrenaline, which is also called fight or flight hormone.


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Irritability or Confusion

This symptom causes Emotional Instability. Low Blood Sugar can lead to Mood swings, sudden emotional episodes which are different from your normal behaviour.


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Drop in blood sugar levels can cause Dizziness. This is one of the most common symptoms which are caused by Low Blood Sugar.

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Frequent Hunger can also be a sign of drop in your blood sugar levels. This symptoms usually happens when blood sugar level falls below 4 Millimoles.

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